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Welcome to the world of hypnosis!

We live in a world where information is easily accessible everywhere! It is all literally just one click away. In fact, there is so much of it that we start to feel swamped and overloaded.

This is also true when it comes to hypnosis! Everyday there are classes, workshops, webinars, peer-to-peer coaching training. You can read books, watch home study courses, listen to audios and study in a zillion other ways.

That is of course, if you are willing to spend the time, the money and the effort required to do all that!
And even if you do, most of the times you don’t know what you get until you got it, until you payed for it!

We all know way too well the times when we payed for something and it was not as advertised… How can you discern good from bad? How would you know which trainer is wort your time and money and who to discard from the get go?

Mentors in Hypnosis has done all this work for you. This does not mean that there aren’t still great professionals out there who are not yet part of Mentors in Hypnosis. Of course they are!
Mentors in Hypnosis brings together today, under the same “roof” more than 30 of the best professionals in the world of hypnosis!

Whether you are interested in stage hypnosis, or clinical and medical use of hypnosis, whether you want to use hypnosis for therapy sessions or entertainment, whether you are interested in self-hypnosis or personal change, Mentors in Hypnosis brings you the best of the best in the world today.

These giants have been “breathing, eating and sleeping” hypnosis for 10-30 and in some cases more than 50 years. Think about it for a second!! What would it be like to have access to their success principles? How successful will YOU be by learning directly from the source? How much time and money and effort will YOU SAVE by having your questions answered by the greatest luminaries at the click of a button?

It’s all about the numbers

I want to share something with you. When I discovered this, initially I was in disbelief myself but hey… numbers don’t lie! How would you feel if I told you that right at this very moment, Mentors in Hypnosis is hosting more than 600 years of experience of hypnosis?

Yes, you read that right! The tally is not finished yet! We are still collecting data and so far, 25 of our mentors combined, accrue more 600 years of experience, knowledge, practice of hypnosis.
This about it for a second. Or two. Or more!

Have you ever asked yourself

  • What makes a great hypnotist?
  • What are the ingredients of a good hypnosis session?
  • What to do when you get stuck and don’t know what to do?
  • What is the one quality that anyone doing hypnosis should have?

These are just some of the answers our Mentors are freely, openly and happily offering to You! All of this information is available for you right here and right now! You get access to more than 2000 minutes of interview time!

You get to watch these interviews online or download them on your computer and transfer them to you tablet, phone or any other media playing device! That means you can watch, listen or read them!
We know that time is money so we made it easy for you! You can download everything as:

– video file (mp4)
– audio file (mp3)
– text file (pdf)

There’s always more

And it doesn’t stop here! Each mentor has been willing to share with YOU much more than just their time and experience! They love to be of help and service so they threw in a Free Bonus Package. What is in it? Their present for YOU! They contain videos, audios, pdf’s or presentations, all offered to you FOR FREE so that YOU get to understand and appreciate hypnosis better, so that you can be an excellent professional.

Let me round it all up for you!

You want to save time, which can mean hundreds hours! We are talking about years here! You want to save yourself the effort to go through all the books and research and programs out there! You want to save yourself the money! The tens of thousands of dollars you would have invested otherwise!

You want to have access to information fast, easy, reliably!
You want to be able to watch, listen, or read everything you please from this amazing resource called Mentors in Hypnosis!

You want to enjoy all the amazing Bonus Packages, each mentor is offering (This alone is worth thousands of dollars in and by itself)! You want to have access to Mentors who can guide you and help you be an excellent professional!

Your investment? 129$! No Kidding!

You get all of THAT for ONLY 129$ and have free access to everything available on the website right now! Forever!

Or you can walk away, turn your back to it and pretend it never happened, you never read a word and you have no idea of the opportunity that lies in front of your eyes!

The choice is yours! Make it!


Here are all our mentors in hypnosis…

Andrew T. Austin - Mentor in HypnosisBarry Thain - Mentor in HypnosisBob Burns - Mentor in HypnosisConnirae Andreas - Mentor in HypnosisDan Cleary - Mentor in HypnosisEdwin Yager - Mentor in HypnosisGordon Emmerson - Mentor in HypnosisJames Tripp - Mentor in HypnosisJason Linett - Mentor in HypnosisJim Wand - Mentor in HypnosisJoanna Cameron - Mentor in HypnosisJohn Butler - Mentor in HypnosisJonathan Chase - Mentor in HypnosisKelley T. Woods - Mentor in HypnosisKen Guzzo - Mentor in HypnosisKenda Summers - Mentor in HypnosisLarry Elman - Mentor in HypnosisMelissa Roth - Mentor in HypnosisMelissa Tiers - Mentor in HypnosisMichael Ellner - Mentor in HypnosisMichael Watson - Mentor in HypnosisNorbert Preetz - Mentor in HypnosisRichard Barker - Mentor in HypnosisRichard K. Nongard - Mentor in HypnosisRoger Moore - Mentor in HypnosisRon Eslinger - Mentor in HypnosisRoy Hunter - Mentor in HypnosisScot Giles - Mentor in HypnosisScott Sandland - Mentor in HypnosisSean Michael Andrews - Mentor in HypnosisSeth-Deborah Roth - Mentor in HypnosisSheila Granger - Mentor in HypnosisSteve Andreas - Mentor in HypnosisSteve Bierman - Mentor in HypnosisSteve G. Jones - Mentor in HypnosisTom Nicoli - Mentor in HypnosisVictoria Gallagher - Mentor in Hypnosis

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