Connirae Andreas

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."
Connirae Andreas -

Mentor Connirae Andreas PhD, has been teaching and developing neurolinguistic programming for more than 35 years. Her Core Transformation process has been acclaimed as a breakthrough in therapy and spiritual development, offering gentle transformation of life issues through uncovering states of oneness, peace, and presence. Connirae Andrea’s work has been published in more than 14 languages and is taught throughout the world being considered by many to be a true mentor both for hypnosis and NLP.
The Wholeness Process comes from her personal journey, including her recovery from health challenges.
Her gift is in making the mysterious more specific and accessible to everyone wanting a more fulfilling life.
Connirae Andreas has had a lasting impact on the field of NLP through many innovations, including her groundbreaking work with Aligning Perceptual Positions and Core Transformation, and original work in Advanced Language Patterns, Timelines, grief, and shame resolution.
Steve and Connirae Andreas’ publishing company, Real People Press, carries their NLP books, including Heart of the Mind, an excellent case-oriented introduction to NLP’s range of effectiveness.
She has co-authored or edited 11 books and manuals of wide acclaim and her most recent work, the Wholeness Process, is the result of her personal struggle with health issues, plus an exploration of modeling what has usually been considered “the unknowable.”

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Last modified: May 19, 2021