New Mentors Available – Jim Wand and Kenda Summers

Hello everyone,
We have just published new mentors, ready for you to view and enjoy!
The editing of the video is always a long and tedious process but the final results is something that can be enjoyed by all!

We are very happy because each mentor has tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to share with you and they are doing so openly.

You can now visit
Mentor Jim Wand’s Page – the Living Legend of Stage Hypnosis! He is one of the few who have been in this business for long that he can hardly remember!
Now he is sharing with us his great tips on hypnosis, especially Stage Hypnosis!
Here is a screenshot of our video editing the interview with him!

Jim Wand - Mentor in Hypnosis

The other great entrance is:
Mentor Kenda Summers Page – “The Northern Entrancer”! She exudes life and passion in and through everything she does and her personal experience with hypnosis is a true roller coaster!
Make sure to visit her Mentor Page!

Kenda Summers - Mentor in Hypnosis

We wold love to hear from you!
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